Tyson Farmer:    Music lessons

Programs and lesson fees

My prices are competitive because when I teach online I don't have to charge extra for the overhead of teaching at a large music school or big box corporate music store. And unlike most music stores, I don't require a registration fee from you when you're starting lessons. I am also more flexible to work with since I make my own schedule and policies.

I believe strongly in shopping around for the right service or product, and I am confident about my teaching abilities, so I offer a free 30 minute, one-on-one, no obligations trial lesson to anyone who asks (not to be confused with the video example lesson on my home page). I also offer a free lesson to any already enrolled student who brings another paying student my way through personal recommendation. Word of mouth is my best advertisement!

Please read my lesson policies for all the basic rules you will be agreeing to when you decide to use my services.

If you have any further questions, check out the FAQ link, or click on the contact link and drop me a line!

1/2 Hr Lesson Fees + Paypal fees (2.9%+$.30)
$10 discount if you pay for four lessons in advance!

45 Minute Lesson Fees + Paypal fees (2.9%+$.30)
$15 discount if you pay for four lessons in advance!

Hour Lesson Fees + Paypal fees (2.9%+$.30)
$20 discount if you pay for four lessons in advance!

Should I take 30 minute or hour lessons?

Obviously if price is a factor, you would naturally go with the cheaper option as the only practical alternative. However, with music lessons I feel the cheaper alternative is the best starting option as well because of the practical issues involved with starting out. Therefore, I recommend starting with the 30 minute lessons at first. Especially if you have never taken lessons before, you don't even know what your limits are yet until you try it out for a while.
    Also consider that I can fit a lot of information into a half hour lesson, and a longer lesson than that when a student is just starting out can have the effect of making their eyes glaze over long before the hour is up. I don't usually recommend opting for the hour lessons until a student feels like the 30 minute lessons are flying by too quickly without as much payoff as before. That's when I know they're getting better as a musician. Until then, most people starting out will usually feel like the 30 minute lesson is plenty to be going on with.


  • I teach on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Check in now and then to see what new days are open for teaching. My schedule is always changing depending on the time of year, so go to my Contact form and drop me a line to see what times I have available.