Tyson Farmer:    Music lessons

About Me:

I have been playing guitar since 1983, and have been performing and teaching professionally in a variety of venues since 1991. Currently I sing and play guitar at weddings, corporate events, birthday parties and other events as a "One Man Band" - a completely self-sufficient musician who plays to background tracks through a sound system (click here for my One Man Band website). I also play in a top-rated wedding band, Atlanta Band Of Gold (atlantabandofgold.com). I studied classical guitar at Kennesaw State University, and jazz guitar at Georgia State University. In addition to taking 6 years of vocal lessons through middle and high school, I attended choir classes from 7th grade through my college years, and attended the Governor's Honors program in my junior year for voice (where I minored in an advanced theory class). In addition, I have picked up skills in other instruments along the way to supplement and diversify my professional portfolio. My performance experience includes numerous restaurants, weddings, corporate events, parties, and working with various celebrity impersonators.

My Teaching Philosophy

    Ever notice that musicians say they "play" their instrument, while the audience members like to say the musicians are really "working" it? That's because the musicians are having way more fun than the audience ever suspects most of the time! I get a student now and then who has specific goals such as wanting to prepare for an audition or college exam, or even just to get better at sight reading or songwriting, and I have the skills, credentials, and ability to take any of these students where they want to go.
    However, the majority of students I teach come to me for fun reasons- they want to learn to make music without a specific agenda. In other words, most just want to pursue a new hobby and see where it goes. I've taught every kind of age range, from teenagers looking for something extracurricular and fun to grown adults wanting to check off their "I always wanted to do this" list, to recently retired folks with more free time. Although I can help you achieve goals with a more traditional "brass tacks" approach, my philosophy is largely centered around providing the service of teaching you something new and making it fun and rewarding!
    I also believe strongly in teaching the student using their favorite music, so I encourage them all to bring in their iPods, Android phones, or any other MP3 player or smartphone that can play MP3s and has a headphone "out" jack. This way, there is a reward beyond just my encouragement when their playing starts sounding like the song they are familiar with. And along the way, I use the songs they like as a vehicle to teach important musical concepts they need to know.
    We all learn at different rates and with different styles. I believe if a student doesn't understand what I'm teaching, them I'm not explaining it right for their way of thinking, so I try to adjust to each student's way of thinking as soon as I can figure that out. From that point on, I try to communicate in their "language" if I can, and stick with what works for them.

    If you have any further questions I couldn't answer here, check out my FAQ section.