Tyson Farmer:   Music Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Although the first instrument I applied myself to was the bass guitar, I later picked up the guitar and have stuck with it as my main instrument throughout the 30 years I have been playing music, both professionally and for my own enjoyment.
    I tell my students that the learning curve of guitar is a very sharp incline at first, but then it's a very sharp decline. In other words, it's pretty hard at first to get any decent sounds out of it, but once you develop some hand strength and dexterity, it suddenly gets really easy. So the work-to-payoff ratio is a pretty good one.
    Almost everybody has seen themselves in their imagination rocking out with an electric guitar, or perhaps entertaining around a campfire with an acoustic. So give guitar lessons a try- it might be the instrument that is just right for you!

my teaching skills with this instrument

I can teach all styles, genres, and skills on guitar, both acoustic and electric- fingerpicking, rock, classic rock, metal, acoustic and folk strumming, blues, soloing and improvisational concepts in all genres, slide guitar, classical, praise and worship, contemporary country, reggae and ska, funk, jazz, country & bluegrass flatpicking, and much more.

If you have any further questions I couldn't answer here, check out my FAQ section.

Concepts I teach:

Electric and acoustic guitar
Right and left hand techniques
Open major and minor chords
Leading fingers/ common fingers
Developing hand muscle memory
Strumming and strum patterns
Changing chords while strumming
Reading guitar tablature
Playing melodies and lines
Power chords
Names of the frets
Octaves and their role
Proper right and left hand technique
Chord construction
Sharps and flats (# & b)
Bar chords
Chord embellishments: 7s, 9s, etc.
Electric guitar parts & their functions
Tuning with an electronic tuner
Tuning by ear
Slurs- hammeron, pulloff, slide, bend
Rhythm and tempo
Palm muting
Rhythmic notation
Selective muting
Reading chord charts
Scales and their use
Understanding and playing modes
Improvisation and soloing
Arpeggios and arpeggio sweeps
Playing by ear
Using the internet as a song resource
...and much more than I can list here!