Tyson Farmer:   Music Lessons

Voice Lessons

In addition to my instrumental skills, I am also a professional vocalist. I have been in numerous vocal classes and private lessons through the years, as well as performing in choirs, stage plays, restaurants, weddings, and parties. I believe any instrumentalist can benefit from vocal skills, as it's an instrument that you carry with you wherever you go!
    People who learn to match pitch with their voice tend to "internalize" notes and musical concepts in a way that people who are strictly instrumentalists cannot. Also, it's the kind of instrument that the majority of people identify with the most when they see a musician performing. And let's face it- usually it's the singer who gets the spotlight the most!
    Most anyone who can sing "happy birthday" is able to develop their voice into a skill that they can be proud of. The hardest parts are psychological- such as getting over the "you have to be born with it" myth. You might notice that I refer to the voice as an "instrument", and I recommend you do the same- just because you have a good speaking voice doesn't mean singing will come easily to you. In the same way,  just because I might use the back of my guitar as a desk to bear down on doesn't make me a good guitar player. The voice is an instrument that you have to practice at just like any other instrument, and has about the same learning curve- some things are difficult, others have a quick payoff, but it's a journey all the same that takes some time to get some skill at.
   If you have ever seen yourself singing onstage with a rock band, or performing a powerful love song, singing in a play or production, or even just doing better at karaoke, you should develop your singing skills in vocal lessons!

My teaching skills with this instrument

The majority of my vocal students are also guitar or piano students, since they want to learn to play and sing at the same time. Teaching this skill is one of my specialties since I make a living at it, but I can and have also taught many vocalists who do not play an instrument as well. I can coach any student for singing in a band, choir, or performance group, as well as preparing for a play, talent show, college audition, or any other goal they have involving singing. I have even taught students who just want to get better at karaoke!

If you have any further questions I couldn't answer here, check out my FAQ section.

Concepts I teach:

Matching pitch
"Scooping" notes vs "nailing" notes Developing pitch accuracy
Triads and chord construction
Breath control and its role in singing
The role of the diaphragm in singing
"Preparing" for vocal phrases
Navigating the vocal "break"
Staggered breathing/ breath timing
Using & strengthening the diaphragm
Vocal exercises & their importance
Using the "head voice"
Using the "chest voice"
Scales and their role
Octaves and their role
Using nasal and oral resonance
How to pronounce words while singing
Combining the head and chest voices
Singing in different styles
Projection and volume control
Reading vocal sheet music
Singing and playing an instrument
Rhythmic notation
...and much more than I can list here!