Tyson Farmer:   Music Lessons

Performance Coaching

I have been performing in a large variety of venues and shows, by myself and with numerous types of vocal, instrumental, ensemble, choir, and performance groups and classes since 1991. I am no stranger to the stage, and still enjoy performing for audiences to this day. Live performance is a great thrill and a real confidence booster. As most anyone who has ever sung karaoke or performed in front of others can understand, it's a little intimidating at first, but has a huge payoff when the initial jitters wear off.
    Most people seeking music lessons want to learn for fun reasons, to check off an item on their personal "I've always wanted to do this" list, or even to just get a new hobby. Performing in front of an audience is not for everyone and is definitely not a requirement for anyone who has developed any musical skill at singing or playing an instrument. However, many people, upon learning this skill and reaching some of their personal goals at their instrument, find themselves asking "now what?" For many the answer to that is to try their hand at performing to show off the skills they have earned.
    If you have ever seen yourself performing confidently in front of an audience (large or small), entertaining friends or loved ones with the music you have learned, doing or getting better at karaoke, or even preparing for a talent show or other stage performance, consider taking lessons in performance coaching!

My teaching skills with this instrument

The majority of my performance students are also instrumental or vocal students, since some of them are interested in or curious about getting on stage or performing for an audience. However, I can also give intensive performance coaching to any student who wants to prepare for a talent show, church performance, beauty pageant talent showcase, audition, or any other specific event or goal.
    Teaching this skill is one of my specialties since I make a living at both singing and playing guitar and perform often. I can and have also taught many vocal students who do not play an instrument as well. I can also coach any student for performing confidently in a band, choir, or other group. However, I do teach stage performance in a strictly musical context, and would recommend a more specialized teacher for coaching in performance with acting, dancing, public speaking, or any other non-musical performance capacity.

Concepts I teach:

Preparing for a performance
Being "at home" on the stage
Eye contact
Performance psychology
What to do with your hands
Performance "body language"
Rhythmic movements
How not to give away your mistakes
The role of the "poker face"
The audience mentality
Acclimating yourself to the stage
Dealing with distractions and noises
Dealing with "hecklers" (good & bad)
Preparing for the worst case scenario
Dealing with emergencies
Focusing nervous energy & jitters
The importance of the warmup
Knowing when NOT to practice
The science of the break
Before and after the performance
Dealing with compliments/ criticism
...and much more than I can list here!