Corporate Events

Your Business's Special Event

•I can entertain at your company's event, meeting, gala, awards dinner, cocktail party, recognition ceremony, team building event, and Christmas or holiday party with event appropriate music and emcee services
•I am ready to work with your business's needs and the circumstances of your event (planned or UNplanned!) with versatility and confidence
•I can break when needed to allow time for your event's speeches, slide shows, toasts and roasts, awards ceremonies, or other important events
•I can provide any speaker or presenter with a microphone while I mix their sound through my soundsystem
•I can prepare and play short pre-planned music clips between individual speakers, or longer clips to smooth the transitions between important events

Trade Shows

•I can play multiple sets of music for your trade show as the main entertainment or part of a showcase of musicians and multiple entertainers
•I can play for the entire trade show in general as the main entertainment, or for a smaller section or area of trade show's venue or convention center
•While I'm on set breaks, I can DJ music to keep the music going and maintain the right mood
•My soundsystem has a small footprint and I can scale the level of volume up or down more easily than a full band
•I can provide event-appropriate entertainment and music to meet your needs

Variety and Versatility

•I can sing and play guitar as the entertainment centerpiece, or play classical guitar or instrumental versions of familiar songs as gentle background music
•I can play a wide variety of styles, genres, and themes appropriate to your event: Rock, Dance music and Pop, Acoustic and folk, Jazz, Reggae and island, and many more
•I can provide my own soundsystem or tie into an existing soundsystem as needed
•I have a robust Bose L2 soundsystem for setting up for longer sets of music
•For smaller lengths of time and when mobility is needed, I can perform with a minimalistic but powerful Roland 50-watt battery-powered amplifier that can be mounted on a tripod stand or set on the floor and angled up for a more unobtrusive setup and moved around as needed, with up to a 10 hour battery time
•I can play specific songs as needed, and can provide custom-edited versions of songs you need at your event at scheduled times
•I wear professional or dressy casual attire to any event I play, but I can wear a tux, suit and tie, or other specific attire if required


•I am available by text or mobile phone, or email if any changes or additional requirements come up prior to the event, and I'll do my best to accommodate your needs
•I am prepared to roll with any changes or problems that may come up before, during, and after the event in a cheerful, cool, and professional manner to resolve any problems or technicalities that may arise. For example, if my volume is too loud or soft, or even needs to be louder or softer for specific times or events, I won't take it personally when you approach me about it and will work with you to get the perfect sound balance
•I'll do my best to accommodate you to make this a fantastic and memorable event - communication is key!
•I am experienced and comfortable with communicating and working with planners, staff, venue owners, caterers, and any other people integral to the execution of the event
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