•I can perform music in a variety of different songs and genres for all parts of your ceremony- Pre-seating background music, Special seating, Wedding party (Bridesmaids/Groomsmen, etc.), Bridal Procession, Unity ceremonies (Sand ceremony, unity candle, etc.), Recession, etc. I can play songs of your choice or help you choose the best songs to set the right mood, or even leave it up to me and I'll play the right songs for the occasion
•I can play a variety of styles: classical guitar, light fingerpicking, instrumental versions of your favorite songs, guitar and vocals, ukulele and vocals, and more
•I can provide a wireless lapel mic for the officiant so he/she is heard clearly by all in attendance
•Is your ceremony in a remote location such as beside a lake, or in a vineyard where no electricity is available? I have a 50-watt battery-powered Roland amplifier that can amplify me, the officiant, an ipod or other media device, and any instrument I play with up to a 10-hour run time, with its own tripod stand for a wide sound dispersion, or it can sit on the ground for an unobtrusive and close setting


•I bring the music, dance, and entertainment to every part of the wedding after-party!
•I play a wide variety of styles: Classic, 80s, and 90s rock, pop, disco, oldies, reggae and beach, funk, country, southern rock, and much more.
•Work with me to choose your favorite songs and styles to custom design the night for the mood you like, make it a little of all the above so all ages and tastes are accounted for, or just let me read the crowd!
•I take requests - if I know it, I'll play it! For requests I am limited to the songs I have background tracks for at the time, so in case I don't have a request in my library, I also provide a printed list of all the songs I know so guests can find something they like
•I'm always adding to my setlist to keep things fresh and fun, so when we're in the planning stages, if I don't have the song already, I'll do my best to add your requested songs to my repertoire. If I can't play or add the song, I can also DJ the song on my set breaks as an alternative

Special Dances

•I can announce and perform or DJ the music for all the important dances - the First Dance, Mother/Son Dance, Father/Daughter Dance, grandparents' and parents' dances, etc.
•I can work with you ahead of time to create custom song lengths so the dances don't go on uncomfortably long
•I can also pre-edit, mix, and mash-up songs of your choice to sing or DJ, so that your big moment is one-of-a-kind (and maybe even You-Tube worthy!)
•If you like I can also do an anniversary dance, dollar dance, or any other special type of dance that is personally significant to you or your family


•I act as emcee, announcer, and DJ for all the important events in between: entrance of the bride and groom, bridal party entrance, cake cutting, speeches and toasts, garter and bouquet tosses, acknowledgement of particular guests, and any other special announcements or events that need narration
•I also play event-appropriate songs and tracks when needed in the background as I am speaking, such as cake cutting music, sexy and fun music for the garter and bouquet, etc
•I can provide a microphone for guests who are making speeches and toasts


•When I take a set break, the party doesn't stop - I can keep the dancing going with playlists of all the songs you and your guests like - request specific songs and styles, or just let me read the crowd!
•I can DJ requests and dedications of songs - if I don't have it already in my song library I can usually find it online
•I can DJ group and line dances - Electric Boogie (AKA The Electric Slide), Cupid Shuffle, Cha Cha Slide, Wobble, and even "YMCA"!

Cocktail Hour

•I can provide background music for cocktail hour - easy jazz, soul, classical, ukulele, or any other style that your guests can relax and drink to while waiting for the big event
•I can perform at cocktail hour instrumentally or vocally, or even DJ song playlists to automatically play in the background (this is a useful option when I need to prepare for the reception during a room flip or reception setup)
•For cocktail hour I usually use a minimalistic and portable setup with my battery-powered amplifier for quick and easy setup and breakdown when the cocktail hour is over


•I am experienced and comfortable with communicating and working with brides and grooms, parents, wedding planners, officiants, venue owners, caterers, staff, and any other important people or professionals integral to the wedding planning and execution
•I am available by text or mobile phone, or email if any changes come up before or during the big day (as they so often do!)
•I am prepared to roll with any changes or problems that may come up before, during, and after the event in a cheerful, cool, and professional manner to resolve any problems or technicalities that may arise - this isn't my first rodeo!
•If you're not happy or need to make changes, let me know! Communication is key - I'll do my best to accommodate you to make this a fantastic and unforgettable event!
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