Restaurants and Venues

Fun And Professional Entertainment

•I have over 20 years of experience playing at a wide variety of restaurants and bars
•Live entertainment is a powerful draw- your customers have something entertaining to focus on, while background music is well... just background music
•If yours is a family restaurant, I know how to tone down or avoid the adult themes and cursing that are in some rock music
•With my sound cables or my FM transmitter, I can usually tie into your restaurant sound system to include any side room, patio, and outside speakers, which means everyone can hear me perform throughout your establishment evenly
•I am good at reading the mood of an audience - I can interact in a fun way with the crowd when they are in the mood to have some fun, or just be good entertainment when your patrons are in a relaxed mood

Customer Satisfaction

•Like most professional DJs, I have become skilled at reading crowds for reactions on what they do and don't want to hear
•I can entertain and act as centerpiece for those wanting someone to watch and listen to, while still playing at a sensible volume and with styles and songs that give your customers the room to have conversations and pay attention to each other if they want
•I am able to play songs by request to keep everyone happy
•I can control the order of my song playlists on the fly with footpedals while performing, so I can typically play a request on the spot or as soon as I finish the current song

Owner/Manager Satisfaction

•Like a restaurant owner or table server, I consider myself to be in a service industry - my first directive when I'm at your restaurant or venue is making sure both you and the customers are happy
•I can play the styles that you want to represent your venue's vibe, but I know managers don't have the time to babysit or manage a musician, so you can just let me setup and do my thing without having to worry about the details
•I won't take it personally if you or any of your staff or customers ask me to turn my volume down - I'll do what it takes to get the perfect mix that everyone can hear and be happy with
•I can use my microphone to promote special or upcoming events for your venue, as well as letting customers know important info (like their car alarm is going off!)


•I can also play any of your restaurant's special events- like grand openings, restaurant anniversaries, holiday events, and private parties
•I can roll with the changes of mood in an ever-changing restaurant crowd - for example, I can start acoustic and relaxed for the start of an evening, then play more lively music as customers relax and have a drink or two
•I play a wide variety of styles and songs so everyone's tastes are accounted for: classic rock, pop, oldies, reggae, blues, folk, 80s, and many more - check out my "Song List" above for an idea of what I play, or watch my demo video on my home page!
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