Private Parties

One Man Band

•I'm a One-Man Band - better than a DJ, cheaper than a live band! I provide all the fun and energy of live performance - without the hassle, floor space, expense, politics, and deafening sound of a full band
•I play guitar and sing with full background tracks, so I can play a much wider variety of styles and songs than a solo acoustic musician (i.e. a singer with just a guitar or piano)
•On the spot requests? If I know it, I'll play it - and feel free to even request songs you like during the planning stages that I don't have in my set list yet - I'm always looking to increase my repertoire and keep it fresh and fun
•I provide my own soundsystem and equipment that needs only one power outlet, but I have a 50-foot power cable so we can work out the perfect area for my setup
•My regular setup has a small footprint, so I don't need a large area to set up in, giving you and your guests more floor space for dancing or hanging out
•When mobility is needed, or when there are no power sources nearby (such as for a lakeside party), I can perform with a minimalistic but powerful Roland 50-watt battery-powered amplifier that can be mounted on a tripod stand or set on the floor and angled up for a more unobtrusive setup and moved around as needed, with up to a 10 hour battery time

What's Your Event?

•Block party, holiday party, graduation party, pool party, birthday party, or just a party for the heck of it - whatever your private event, I can bring your party or gathering to the next level!
•Whether your party is at a professional venue, your backyard, your poolside, or just your living room, I am versatile and can work with you to plan the right location and setup for my playing area
•Do you need me in specific attire? I wear professional or dressy casual attire to any event I play, but I can wear a tux, suit and tie, aloha shirt and sandals, or other specific attire if required

What's Your Style?

•Do you have a specific genre or style you want for your party? Rock for that bar vibe? Disco for dancing? Pop for that nightclub feel? Jazz for a sophisticated setting? Clasical or fingerpicked guitar for an art gathering? Oldies? Reggae? A little mix of all the above? If you have a specific style or theme in mind, or you even just want me to read the crowd, I'm ready to work with you to make it a memorable and fun event for all in attendance
•Will your guests all be the same age, or a variety or generations? I can play a specific set of genres, styles, and songs for your generation, or play a little of everything to make everyone happy whatever the mix
•Do you want everyone dancing? Do you want a laid-back "hang out" kind of feel? An elegant cocktail party? A combination of all the above at different times in the night? I can dial in the right styles of music to make it happen when needed
•Do you have any special announcements, toasts, roasts, slide shows, or other events planned during your party? I can take breaks as needed, and can provide you with a microphone or wireless lapel mic to use
•I can play specific songs as needed, and can even provide custom-edited versions of songs at specific times, or I can be ready to play them on cue

I Keep The Party Going

•I can play up to four 45-minute sets to keep the music going throughout the event
•When I take set breaks, the music doesn't stop - I DJ music while I'm on break so there are no awkward silences or changes in the mood
•I can take breaks or change direction as needed (for planned or unplanned circumstances!) - just give me a heads up and I'll roll with any changes that come up


•Feel free to call, email, or text me at any time in the planning stages - I'm ready to roll with any changes, ideas, or problems that may come up before or during the event in a cheerful, cool, and professional manner
•Click on the "Contact" link above to write me an email and get communication started - I'm happy to answer any questions you have!
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