From ceremony to reception and everything in between, I can provide everything you need! I can act as entertainer and background music before, during, and after the vows, cocktail party, and reception, as emcee to announce the important events like the feature dances, cake cutting, garter/bouqet toss, and toasts, and even as the DJ during a cocktail hour and in between set breaks so the music is always going. I can accommodate and custom design the mood, song genres, and specific songs and artists to your requirements and needs, while bringing a versatile, professional, and fun atmosphere to your special day.

Corporate Events

I have played at many corporate events, from trade shows to office christmas parties, and can accommodate your individual needs for your professional event. I can provide services from background music like jazz or instrumental solo guitar, all the way to full spectrum dance-floor style entertainment with a wide variety of genres and singing styles like current pop, oldies, disco, classic rock, beach music and reggae, and much more. I can provide a full sound as the main source of entertainment, or take a more relaxed role as background music, and am always ready to work with you on the timing of events like speeches, slide shows, awards and recognition ceremonies, and anything else that your professional event requires.

Private Parties

If you're throwing a special private event like a birthday party, block party, graduation party, seasonal get-together, or a party just for the fun of it, I can help you bring the party to another level with live music! I'll work with you to get the genres and mood right for the people at your party so everyone is having fun and dancing, and can even DJ in between on my breaks so the party is always going.

Restaurants & Venues

One of the most frustrating things a restaurant owner or manager has to face with live musicians is repeatedly asking them to turn down because their patrons can't hear each other talk! I have been playing restaurants for over 20 years, and have learned there is a difference between playing a party or special event, and playing an average night at a family restaurant. I can bring a toe-tapping and lively atmosphere to your restaurant or venue without blasting everybody out or playing inappropriate music. I can also play any of your restaurant's special events- like grand openings, restaurant anniversaries, holiday events, and private parties. If your venue is already in full swing, I can bring it to the next level and help ensure that your patrons buy that extra drink (or two!) to keep hearing their favorite songs, and even get the whole restaurant singing along when the mood is right.

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